Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches In 2019: Eco Friendly & Easy to Use!

Graduating to solids is an exciting milestone, but it also feels like a deep plunge into the unknown to many. Thinking about it, though – what doesn’t feel like that when it comes to raising kids?

I was lucky enough to have a daughter who – if she only knew how to do so at the time – would have begged me to feed her anything that came even remotely close to my own mouth. At three, she’s now the polar opposite and is a proud enlist in the toddler army of picky eaters!

Making homemade meals from scratch for her by using baby food makers and filling stations was fun (mom-confession: it no longer is!). The not-so-fun part was storage when batch cooking, with a freezer gasping for an empty inch.

3 reusable baby food pouches in different colors, one green, one dark pink and one purple, on a white background

There’s a very unique kind of satisfaction that comes from making your own baby food. Logistically, it may require some good planning beforehand, both in terms of time spent and equipment used to make it all easier.

This is where reusable baby food pouches come into the picture!

This article will delve into what reusable squeeze pouches are, the benefits they bring to the table (or floor – expect some of that), at what age you can start using them, what you should look for in them, as well as other tips to make this transitioning to solids process a whole lot simpler for everyone involved.

Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches – a Quick Look at Our Top 7 Recommendations

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Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches – A More Detailed Look At Our Top 7 Recommendations

Baby Brezza Reusable Food Storage Pouches

Sometimes, it feels like going out with your baby requires half the house in gear.

Having a newborn is one thing; once weaning starts, things can get slightly more complicated.

I recall my worry when it came to venturing out with my 6-month-old. She wanted nothing to do with ready-made food in convenient pouches and jars, and it wasn’t that easy to find a solution for storing home-made food that also worked for on the go.

Luckily for me, someone saved me by suggesting reusable pouches for baby food, and the rest–as they say–is history.

The Baby Brezza Reusable Food storage pouches come in a convenient 10-pack to make stocking up on baby food as easy as possible.

A good thing that store-bought pouches have going on for them is that they often come in great packaging that kids simply love. The Brezza pouches also come in fun colors for your little one to fall in love with.

Also, these reusable baby food pouches come with an appropriately sized funnel to make filling up with pureed food a breeze and less of a momentous mess.

I admit, my only concern with using food pouches was the filling-up process. However, with this nifty funnel, there’s no need for extra dexterity or an extra pair of hands; simply place the funnel in the pouch and voila – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The pouch also has a clear back with a measuring guide to help you monitor your munchkin’s food intake. The transparent back also offers more reassurance on the hygiene front as you can check that the pouch is really clean.


  • Easy to read measurement – perfect for monitoring consumption of first foods.
  • Clear back.
  • Easy for baby to hold.
  • Stands on its own, making filling up easier.
  • Rounded corners to prevent food build-up.
  • Wider side opening means easy filling and easy cleaning.


  • Cap not attached to the body of the pouch, which means that it might act as a safety hazard, as well as be prone to loss.
  • Even with its rounded corners, the pouch can sometimes feel quite challenging to clean. A tip to help out would be to rinse it off immediately after use, but we’re aware that this is not always possible, especially when on the go.

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Reusable Baby Food Squeezable Container

Pouches are great, but they can also be flimsy at times.

Squeasy is a new generation of baby food pouches that takes the best of water bottles and food pouches and merges the two together into one must-have item.

The Squeasy goes way beyond the conventional baby food pouch.

What makes the Squeasy special and, in our opinion, better than many other baby food pouches out there, is that it can hold liquids as conveniently and efficiently as it holds smoothies and pureed food.

As you may have already learned by means of a hard lesson, regular baby food pouches are not that great for liquids, as they allow a faster flow.

The Squeasy is arguably in a category of its own – it’s admittedly not the best option if you intend to batch cook and freeze (stocking up on these can be quite expensive), but it’s great for on the go use as it’s sturdy and prevents spills.

It also comes in three different sizes to accompany your little one on their food journey.

If (with just one look at the picture) the thought of cleaning this thing freaks you out, there’s really not all that much for you to worry about. The Squeasy can be turned inside out for easier cleaning, and its different features come apart for more thorough cleaning.

It also comes with a handy spill proof insert for young eaters – yay for clean outfits, even after a meal!


  • Can be used for liquids, so can easily get more use out of this piece of baby gear.
  • Comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • This product is not ideal for daily use. It mimics drinking, more than eating, which means it might significantly affect your child’s oral development if overused for every meal.
  • Not the best option for storing batches of food for your baby.

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WeeSprout Double Zipper Reusable Food Pouch

If you had any doubt about the real value of storing your baby’s food in reusable pouches, the WeeSprout Double Zipper pouches are sure to answer to that.

Featuring a fun design that serves as a reminder that what you’re doing is contributing to a healthier environment and less waste, these pouches are a great addition to your baby’s feeding collection.

The WeeSprout pouches are not only great to get for your little one, but they also make for a lovely gift.

They’re packaged in a box made of recyclable material and are a definite must-have for the baby registry list. It’s never too early to gift gear for weaning; I know I would have loved to receive a pack of these!

A downside of this baby food pouch is that it opens from the bottom zipper, so filling it up with homemade goodness may get a little tricky at times. It’s also not transparent, so make sure to label the pouches properly, especially if you intend to batch cook and freeze.

On the subject of freezing – the package contains only 6 pouches, so it might be wise to invest in two to see you through a proper cooking marathon.

Cleaning the pouch is relatively easy and straightforward. Thanks to its rounded shape, you can simply run water through the zipper end and let it flow through the spout.


  • A selection of sizes to use as your child grows.
  • One of the best environmentally friendly reusable baby food pouches – both the packages and pouches are recyclable.


  • Not transparent.
  • Opens at the bottom end, rather than the side.
  • Replacement caps are not included, but they can be easily bought.
  • If you prefer using a dishwasher to get everything squeaky clean, you should still rinse these out under running water before placing in the dishwasher.

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Reusable LeakProof Baby Food Pouches

A downside of many reusable baby food storage bags designed these days is the quantity they come in.

Even though I’d love to dedicate all my days to doing nothing more than this, I admittedly do not have time to prepare fun nutritious pureed meals for my daughter every single day – and really, who does?

Apart from the time constraints is the amount of food that goes to waste – because really, babies and toddlers only ever eat a tiny amount of what we prepare for them.

Cue in half a banana, half an apple, ¾ of an avocado that used to end up wasting away in the fridge.

Batch-cooking was definitely the way to go for our family, and convenient pouches made storage and feeding on the go way easier. When a brand offers its product in a well-sized pack such as this one, then that’s a definite selling point.

The Owl Reusable Baby Food Storage Pouches come in an affordable and convenient 12-pack, helping you to really stock on great meals.

They also feature a wide side zipper and – another huge plus – come with an appropriately-sized funnel for easier filling.

A feature of this reusable baby food pouch is its double zipper – it fastens securely to prevent leaks and messes in the baby bag, making it perfect for on the go as well as for storage.

It also ensures that little (yet strong) hands can’t get through it all that easily, which helps avoid making a fantastic mess out of the meal.

When it’s time for a dinner or a snack, simply place the pouch in a bowl of hot water, and it’s all set to go.


  • Clear back that also features a measuring guide.
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe.
  • Great as a lunchbox snack for school-age children, too.
  • Fun owl design to get babies and toddlers excited about meal times.
  • Holds more food than regular ready-made food pouches; if your little one doesn’t eat as much, you can just fill them less.


  • Sometimes, food remnants tend to get stuck in the corners and in the closing mechanism.

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Healthy Planet Solutions Reusable Baby Food Pouches

A significant downside of store bought baby food pouches is the immense impact they leave on the environment.

The guilt factor is high – just a couple of meals in, and you’ll soon end up with a pile of plastic that cannot be reused.

The design of this Healthy Planet pouch will remind you of the part you’re playing towards a healthier environment.

Batch-making baby food at home reduces food waste, helps the environment, takes less of a toll on your budget, as well as provides your little one with healthy and nutritious meals, free from any preservatives.

The Healthy Planet baby food pouches are designed for repeated use, and are easily among the best in the freezable category.

It also has another great advantage going for it – it’s one of the very few baby food pouches that is clear from both sides. This is a great plus to have, both for cleaning and ensuring that it’s all spotless, as well as for identifying the food when frozen.

And, what makes it a worthy go-to option in our books is the fact that it comes with three extra lids! Yes, yes, yes! Here’s to no longer having to throw away a pouch just because the lid’s been lost – God known how many times I’ve done that …


  • Ideal for freezing homemade baby food.
  • Larger than conventional food pouches, so older babies can be satisfied using this as well. It should last your little ones as they grow.
  • Rounded design, which means no pesky corners for remnants of food to make a home out of. It also seals flat, with no unnecessary bumps that trap food.
  • Strong zipper that withstands the strength of little hands.


  • Does not include a funnel for easy filling.
  • Plastic pouch can stain from repeated use with staining foods. For instance, this can happen with carrots, but you can only see this because the pouch is clear. Other pouch options might also stain, yet not show because the pouch is not clear.
  • Opens up from the bottom, giving you less space for both filling up and cleaning.

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Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch

Soon enough, your wee little one will start emptying your pouch stash in mere minutes. It can get quite frustrating to think you’ve got loads in store, only to have them vanish in a day or two.

Cue in larger food pouches!

They’re a lifesaver when your munchkin’s appetite increases, and you need something quick (yet satisfying) for when out and about.

It’s not the first time that I had to carry around numerous tiny pouches, and I can attest to how much of a lifesaver they’ve been, more than once.

The Squooshi is excellently sized and strikes just the right balance between your baby being able to hold the pouch on their own and it not being too heavy, as well as holding sufficient contents for little hungry mouths.

Cleaning the Squooshi is also easy, which is always a plus in my book. Thanks to its funnel-like design, you can simply pour in running water from the bottom end and allow it to leave the pouch from the spout.

A bottle brush also fits in nicely, and a couple of strokes will lead to a spotless pouch you can feed your little one from again pretty soon.

A useful trick shared by parents is to place the cap in the pouch for drying. This allows air to circulate, making drying faster as well as preventing mold growth.

The Squooshi reusable food pouch comes in a convenient pack of 8, in a very cool design and eye-catching colors.


  • Great large-sized reusable baby food pouch.
  • Features a no-choke cap to make feeding safer.


  • Block design that’s not see-through.
  • The zipper area can hold food remnants at times.
  • Opens from the bottom narrower side and not a wide bottom zipper, which can make filling up possibly challenging.

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ChooMee SnacPack Reusable Food Pouch

Dealing with a fussy eater can quickly become a full-time job that you grow to hate. I’ve definitely been there (and still feel that way at times).

Luckily, there’s a solution for that: sometimes it takes the form of a cute caterpillar or hedgehog.

The ChooMee Reusable Baby Food Pouch is arguably the cutest one on the block.

Your little one will be super happy to eat from these; especially as the 4-pack also includes two Softsip tops that are gentler on the gums.

This soft silicone flow control valve is far more comfortable than the hard plastic spout of other options. The Softsip pouch top also comes with an attached cap – yay for no time wasted looking for pesky tiny caps!

The design features a clear window on the back to allow a view of the contents inside. It also closes through a double zipper to prevent leaks or a grand spillage, cause of severe trauma inflicted by tiny hands.

The double zipper can be difficult to open and close at times, but this also means that your munchkin will find it hard to open on their own – which is exactly what you need to keep them out of trouble.


  • Curved shape to make it easier for your little one to hold.
  • Wide base for easier cleaning.
  • Great animal designs, especially attractive to picky eaters.


  • Comes with only two Softsip caps – it would have been great to have one for each pouch in the package.
  • Has no indication of a maximum fill to prevent spillage when loading up with food. Still, this is only a tiny hiccup when compared to the overall benefits these have to offer.

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Reusable Baby Food Pouches – Another Useless Bit of Baby Gear?

Did someone say useless?! On the contrary, they’re the complete opposite of that.

Reusable baby food pouches are a convenient way of storing baby food for immediate (or later) use. They are small flexible packages with a screw cap on top, making it super easy to quickly offer food to your little one when hungry.

They’re similar to the single-use food pouches available in most stores, and are a new alternative to the traditional baby food that comes in glass jars.

The main difference with reusable baby food pouches is that instead of tossing in the trash once the content is consumed, you can wash it, fill the pouch again and re-feed from it.

The majority of reusable toddler’s food pouches available on the market today have a capped spout on one end to release food to your baby, and a zipped enclosure for easy filling and easier washing up.

These products are meant to be ridiculously easy to use, which makes it less likely for your kid to refuse eating homemade meals. They’re also much kinder on the environment, which will always be a huge “check!” in your book if you’re anything of an environmentally conscious person like I try to be.

To use, simply prepare your baby’s food, puree or mash it, and insert the amount you think (or know) they’ll eat in the pouch. For your little one to consume the food inside, you simply unscrew the cap, and voila! You have a hearty meal in seconds.

Benefits of Using Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Reusable baby food pouches have considerable benefits over regular food pouches, and here’s why you should consider stocking up on them:

Home-Made Meal Prep Made Easy

When preparing food for my daughter, my greatest headache was sourcing enough little bowls to store whatever meals I’ve prepared for her, and eventually finding enough space for storing them all.

As is the case in most parents’ lives, cooking a different meal every single day can be too time-consuming when trying to keep up with the million and one other responsibilities that parenthood entails.

Batch cooking healthy meals and freezing them in one go ensures that you always have a hearty meal at the ready for your little one, no matter what you have going on at the time.

In this regard, reusable food pouches are a godsend! Their flexible nature also means you’ll be making the best use possible out of fridge, freezer, and baby bag space.

Healthy Option

When you prepare your baby’s meals yourself, you’ll know exactly what goes in them. You can control the sugar content and, if you know your baby especially likes the taste of spinach on its own, you won’t mask it by adding in sweetness with an apple.

Unfortunately, most brands of baby food pouches are guilty of exactly this. They add sweet fruit or ingredients that are cheaper than what appears on the label, keeping them tastier for baby so they’re less likely to refuse eating, and reducing their production costs at the same time.

For example, a kale and barley food pouch might have carrot puree as its main ingredient, with the cheapest option making the most of the pouch. Not only so, but your baby won’t be able to really taste the kale, potentially refusing it when offered on its own at a chunkier consistency at a later stage.


As any parent would tell you, expenses are high when accounting for all baby related purchases. Baby food pouches don’t come cheap either, and relying on them for daily meals will easily add up.

Reusable squeeze pouches only require one upfront investment for their actual sourcing. From then on, preparing your little one’s meals at home can be fairly inexpensive if you’re doing it the right way.

Of course, it depends on the ingredients you use, but when considering the tiny amounts needed for each meal, the total cost of each pouch amounts to much less than grocery store prices.


Meal times can be very time-consuming and very stressful, especially when you have an endless to-do list for the day and you’re nowhere near done with it.

I’ll admit, sitting down to calmly feed my daughter was not always possible. Yes, life happens, and we can’t always control these things as parents.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, reusable toddler’s food pouches are great for self-feeding. Your baby can simply squeeze, suck and control how much they want to consume.

Of course, as with any method of feeding your baby, you should always supervise your little one while eating.

Mess Control

I actually have countless photos of various mashed up and pureed ingredients splattered on the high chair, on the floor, and all over my daughter. I laugh looking at them now, but that’s the last thing I would have done in the middle of those situations back then.

Yes, transitioning to solids is messy, especially when self-feeding – but that’s where reusable food pouches can lend a helping hand.

Reusable baby food pouches help limit the chances of any mess from happening, as it’s much easier for your baby to suck on the pouch and stay in control of everything.

Kinder on the Planet

Just the thought of all those food pouches in a waste facility can easily lead to hyperventilation. Disposable food pouches may be easy and convenient to use for us parents and our kids, but they’re not exactly kind on the environment.

Back when I was a little kid, glass jars were the norm, and these could easily be reused or re-purposed. With regular food pouches, you don’t have this flexibility – it’s straight to the bin when finished.

The solution? Reusable baby food pouches! They’re convenient and don’t harm the environment – how’s that for a win-win situation?

Use with Ready-Made Food

Batch cooking or serving your little one’s meals fresh is not always a possibility. Nonetheless, reusable food pouches can still be used.

Simply pour in the ready-made food into the pouch, and you have an easier method of providing food to your little one when on the go.

Downsides of Using Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Downsides? Sigh … Just when you thought these were just the lifesavers you’ve been looking for all along, right?

As with everything else in life, reusable baby food pouches aren’t perfect – they also have their downsides.

Effect on Developmental Skills

The texture and squeeze packaging raise concerns amongst child health experts. When used for all meals (or a majority of meals), food pouches prevent babies from an integral stage in their feeding and oral development.

Chewing and swallowing soft foods helps with speech; varied and multi-sensory experiences help babies develop a palate for diverse foods.

As noted by Dr. Nathalie Muth, pediatrician and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), “kids need the taste of what the actual food is, to come to like it later”.


It’s easy for babies and young children to end up overeating when snacking on food pouches, as eating this way is more appealing to them than the traditional plate and spoon with identifiable ingredients.

Not to mention that it’s ridiculously easy to eat from food pouches as well, and a combination of food and no hard effort required can be very dangerous.

Process of Eating

The skills needed to eat from a pouch are completely different than those needed to eat from a plate or bowl.

Pouches simply require sucking and swallowing, something that even tiny babies can do very well with milk. Eating from a bowl requires more dexterity in holding the spoon and moving food from the bowl to baby’s mouth.

At around six months of age, babies are ready to learn how to chew. Overly relying on baby food pouches and using them on a daily basis limits this growth, and will likely make the transition to chewing a more difficult one.

Moderation is key! Use baby food pouches to your (and your little one’s) advantage only when there’s a real need for them. When able to have your baby eat their food the more traditional way, do that instead.

When Not to Use Reusable Food Pouches

Experts recommend saving using baby food pouches for when you’re traveling.

If you prefer using the food prepared in your reusable pouches at home too, consider pouring the contents in a bowl and feeding with a spoon instead. Another option would be to pour the contents of the reusable pouch directly onto the spoon, bit by bit, and feeding your baby.

Older babies should ideally be given the spoon to feed themselves, as they shouldn’t continue to rely on you to feed them with a spoon at older ages.

To get the best out of reusable baby food storage bags, the food has to be pureed or mashed really well.

Relying on this food texture for too long can inhibit your baby’s development, though. So, the best way to go around this is to also offer finger foods apart from baby food pouches. Pouches can be used for one meal, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, as long as the remaining meals are made of chunkier consistencies.

Melanie Potock, pediatric feeding specialist and author of Adventures in Veggieland, is unapologetically straightforward when it comes to food pouches. She says that “Just like sippy cups, food pouches were made for parents’ convenience, not for a child’s mouth or oral development”.

In her opinion, as well as that of countless other experts in the field, parents should limit the use of baby food pouches as it’s hard to identify at which point the detrimental effects could start showing.

Are Reusable Baby Food Pouches Still Good, Then?

At around 9 months of age, your baby will be more than ready to transition beyond pureed food.

At this point, it’s usually time to ditch the pouches for some more chunkier consistencies. You can still use them for on the g,o but by no means should they be the norm for every one of your kid’s meals. At this stage, it’s time to say bye-bye to food pouches (for the most parts) and not rely on them for main meals.

In addition, the AAP recommends that at around 12 months of age, babies should be eating meals with the rest of the family and ideally following the same diet.

As long as you stick to these recommendations, no one’s going to judge if you slide in the occasional pouch-meal!

When Can My Baby Start Eating from Reusable Food Pouches?

Reusable food pouches can be used from the early days of transitioning to solids, when your pediatrician gives the go-ahead for their introduction. This usually happens at around the 4 month to 6 month mark, but ideally at 6 months.

At first, you’ll be squirting the contents bit by bit onto a spoon and feeding your little one slowly, also making sure that you’re following their cues. Once your little one is older, they can suck away on their own (while supervised) to their little heart’s content.

Of course, always follow the guidelines above for non-detrimental over-use.

How Will I Know That My Little One Is Ready?

Once your baby starts showing signs that they’re ready to move to solids, it’s also child safe to start using reusable food pouches.

Spoon feeding the purees stored in your reusable baby food pouches is even better, so always keep that in mind.

What Makes a Great Reusable Food Pouch?

Not all reusable baby food pouches are created alike, so here’s a list of some of the most important features to look for:


Pay close attention to the materials the reusable food pouch is made of, as this should be your first consideration.

You wouldn’t want anything nasty coming so close to the food your little one will be consuming. The pouches you opt for should be BPA, PVC, and phthalates free.

These chemicals have been found to have adverse effects on babies and young children, so you don’t want them coming anywhere near close to yours.


Reusable food pouches shouldn’t be hard to clean or be prone to residue build up. Only opt for easy to clean reusable babe food pouches.

Opting for a pouch with no corners is much easier to clean, and you can rest assured that there’s nothing horrendous lurking within.


The size of the pouch you want to get matters. Babies have diverse appetites, and that’s perfectly normal.

If your little one gobbles their food and always seems to want more, opt for a larger-sized pouch. Remember that most pureed food expands when frozen, so make allowances for this if you intend to freeze.

If your baby is still young and their portions are still tiny, consider using smaller pouches for the time being. With that being said, there’s no harm in going for pouches with larger capacities, and filling them up with less.


We all know a picky eater or two. Actually, let’s go beyond that: we may very well have given birth to one ourselves! I know that was the case for me a few years back, at least.

A colorful pouch with a cute bear or two can look more attractive to your little one. In turn, this might help make them more eager to try its contents!

What Different Types of Reusable Baby Food Pouches Are There?

The following is a list of some of the most common options you’ll come across when shopping for baby food pouches:

  • Clear reusable food pouches: Great for seeing what’s inside the pouch, checking on whether or not it’s still good to eat, and how much your little one has actually eaten from it.
  • Squeezable silicone food pouches: A silicone reusable food pouch is usually longer lasting when compared to other food pouches, and they’re also generally easier to wash.
  • Reusable pouches for baby food with attached caps: Super handy to have if you’re prone to losing things. Actually, I would even say it’s a must have in that case. It will help save you so many frantic searches looking for a tiny cap.
  • Zipper pouches: These make it super easy to fill and clean.
  • Leak proof pouches: Because, really, who wants a pouch that leaks?
  • Freezable food pouches: Great if you intend to prepare batches of food and freeze.

How Many Reusable Food Pouches Will My Baby Need?

Well, this greatly depends on how much you plan on storing for later use, as well as the number of pouch meals you intend to feed your little one.

Some parents opt to store their batch cooking readily in the pouches for more ease of use when the baby is hungry. Others store food in a different container, and then pour into the pouch or prepare fresh food for every meal.

Most reusable food pouch brands include multiples in a pack, as opposed to just a single pouch per purchase – even though you can certainly buy only one pouch if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you don’t intend to store food in them, one pack of three or one pack of four should usually be more than sufficient, and will give you extra leeway if you don’t wash a used pouch immediately.

If you prefer using pouches as storage, you will most likely need more of them, depending on how much you intend to freeze.

How Can I Use these Pouches Safely?

Getting the right product for you and your little one is only half the battle – knowing how to use it properly is just as important!

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Making use of reusable squeeze pouches safely is imperative for your little one’s health. Getting the right ones is only half the battle, the other half is adhering to best practices.

While being reusable, these toddler’s food pouches are not intended to use forever. Most manufacturers indicate on the packaging just how many uses the pouch is good for. Exceeding the recommended use can lead to bacterial growth (which will put your little one’s health at serious risk) and leaks.

Not for All Meals

As we’ve seen above, reusable food pouches shouldn’t be relied on for all meals, every single day, since doing so can inhibit your baby’s development.

Careful About the Cap

The caps on reusable baby food storage bags present a real choking hazard. Be sure you’re not leaving your pouchs’ caps within your little one’s reach.

Clean Frequently

To prevent bacterial growth, always ensure that the reusable pouch is cleaned very well after each use.

Double check the pouch before refilling, just to be on the safe side.

Wrapping it Up

Reusable baby food pouches are a great alternative to store bought pre-filled pouches.

They’re not only cheaper (if you do the math for the long run), but their contents are also way healthier, and they’re also kinder on the environment. What’s there not to love about them?

As we’ve seen, though, relying on baby food pouches for every single meal is far from ideal.

Instead, maintaining a balanced mix of spoon feeding, self-feeding and diverse food consistencies and textures safe for baby’s age is a must for their overall development.

Reusable baby food pouches provide you with great creative allowance in mixing healthy ingredients that you know your little one will love.

After all, setting healthy eating habits from the very beginning sets them up for a healthier life!


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