Best Baby Bibs in 2019: Suitable for Drooling, Eating & More!

It seems like whatever your baby does, they don’t just go in and out peacefully – they make a mess and leave their mark.

Diaper changes? “Well here, how about I give you a diaper blowout to deal with?”, says your little one in their mind. Eating on their high chair? “You better put a feeding bib on me, because you know I’m going to spill all over myself from that”. Spit up? “I’ll be sure to make it worth your while this time!”.

Baby eating solid food in their high chair, with a bib wrapped around their chest

If there was ever a necessity in your baby’s wardrobe you need to have ready when putting together your baby registry, it’s bibs!

Best Baby Bibs – A Quick Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

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Best Baby Bibs – A More Detailed Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

If you’d like a more detailed look into our top 10 recommendations for the best baby bibs of today, as well as knowing why they made it on our list, give this section a read.

Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib

The Bumkins SuperBib combines lightweight and waterproof materials to provide a versatile option for all parents.

They come in packs of three, with a wide variety of different styles which make it easy for everyone to find the right match or to mix it up every day.

Babies who get bothered by heavier bibs may really enjoy using a SuperBib. They deliver many qualities of a much thicker bib (but do so without the extra weight), while being able to be stored virtually anywhere.

Messy eaters may prove to be too much for this bib’s pocket, though, as the thin material makes it hard to keep open.

Very heavy droolers may also encounter some issues. The drool can run down your baby’s neck and behind the bib, then the waterproof liner traps all that moisture against the body.


  • Great Designs – Vivid colors and multiple imaginative patterns make these extra fun.
  • Lightweight – For such a sturdy bib, it manages to keep the weight down to just over 2 ounces. Even the youngest infants will barely notice it.
  • Easy To Clean – The waterproof material is no problem to clean, and even air dries quickly.


  • No Dryer Allowed – It can be a hassle to keep these out of the dryer, but the heat can destroy them.
  • Collapsing Pocket – The very thin vinyl makes the pocket fold up easily.
  • Drool Trap – The loose fitting design allows drool to fall down behind the waterproof bib.

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Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib

This product by Happy Healthy Parent is easy to use and even easier to clean. It’s made from 100% silicone and comes in a number of brightly colored 2-packs.

While not exactly the cheapest choice of bibs on the market, the high quality material makes it extremely durable and is more than worth it. Its sturdier build means it can hold up to the constant use in multi-child families or daycares.

Tired of having bib after bib ruined from stains, rips, or mildew? This bib will be a welcome change. Its single layer silicone material keeps everything at the surface.

Since the material is thicker than those in cloth bibs, the weight of it might be cumbersome for some of the youngest eaters.

It also has silicone buttons in the back, which may lead to buttons being ripped off by overly active toddlers.


  • Waterproof & Stain Resistant – Almost nothing can be absorbed by the material, which makes for a simple wipe away clean.
  • Dishwasher Safe – You can put this bib on the top rack and have it ready to go again quickly.
  • Pouch Stays Open – The thick silicone eliminates the pouch closing problem common with cloth bibs.
  • Travel Friendly – The top rolls down easily and stays put in the pouch for compact travel.


  • Buttons Breaking – The silicone buttons are not as strongly attached. If they are broken off, be sure to find them ASAP to avoid potential choking hazards.
  • Less Comfortable – Compared with cloth materials, silicone can be less forgiving to sensitive skin. Babies under 6 months old are more likely to experience some minor skin irritation from rubbing.
  • Ripping, Tearing – While the bib is very strong in most cases, silicone can be prone to tearing or ripping if subjected to certain types of stresses.

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Vuminbox Baby Bandana Drool Bibs and Teething Toys

Teething can be tough on babies, but the endless drool is tough on parents just as well. The solution? Save the outfit changes and try this Vuminbox bandana bib instead!

Your little one can keep this teething bib on as they play, with its attached teether keeping the bandana hanging properly.

You get six adorable bandana bibs, along with six teethers, included with this product. It uses high quality materials and gives parents the ability to change the pendent to whatever they want.

For constant droolers, this bandana bib may be the perfect solution. Even very young infants can wear it safely all day.

Also, if you’re a parent who is concerned about the environment and wants to keep as many chemicals as possible away from your child, this organic bib is an ideal choice.

For older toddlers, though, this may be too small for other bib purposes. Its primary use is for catching drool, not food, so if mealtimes are the main focus – you might not want to choose this product.


  • Adjustable – The two nickel-free brass fasteners slide to fit different sized children, which is far more helpful than the fixed velcro or silicone buttons of other bibs.
  • Versatile – Perhaps the best feature is the interchangeable toy. Try swapping in your baby’s favorite teether or pacifier.
  • Fashionable – Both the bandana itself and the stylish neutral patterns are super cute.
  • Soft – The organic cotton front and polyester wool fleece backing is incredibly comfortable.


  • Hard To Clean – These bibs cannot be put in the dryer, which slows down the cleaning process.
  • Fairly Small – Especially heavy drooling can soak this bib quickly, so it may not last long without changing.
  • Not The Highest Quality Teethers – Little nubs on the provided teethers can rub off with time, possibly posing a choking or swallowing hazard.

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Neat Solutions Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib Set

Every parent needs a reliable stockpile of backup bibs for those days when messes happen constantly and the whole world seems to be falling apart. The Neat Solutions Terry Feeder Bib is an excellent choice for always staying prepared.

They come in packs of ten and are much more budget-friendly than other options on the market.

Their main feature is their plainness, but – unlike what many may think – this is not necessarily a drawback. Many parents simply don’t mind the plain white appearance. Other craftier parents even tend to use it as a blank slate for their own customized designs.

If adorable patterns are a must have, then you may want to skip these bibs – unless you’re interested in doing them yourself.

The thin terry material may also not be enough for messy eaters, and the lack of a food catching pocket may limit its usefulness at mealtimes.


  • Budget Friendly – Because all of these bibs are budget-friendly, you can afford to overlook a lot.
  • Neutral – These plain white bibs will look good with every type of outfit your baby wears.
  • Customizable – Create your own designs if that’s your thing, or use them for baby shower games.


  • Plain – It gets zero points for style unless you can come up with something creative on it yourself, if that’s a concern of yours.
  • Lower Quality – The simple construction leads to it wearing down earlier, and not lasting as long as other bibs.
  • Not Absorbent Enough – Thin terry cloth tends to soak through quickly, especially with a heavy drooler.

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Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Bibs

Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Bibs fill a need in the middle ground between plain white terry bibs and fancier ones with more features. It offers a bit of style, a good deal of moisture protection, and even the ability to customize the design.

This ten pack of bibs comes in a rainbow of different colors, each with a simple yet sturdy Velcro strap in the back.

Seasoned parents will appreciate the blend of practical and colorful. When you have to go through ten bibs a day, it’s nice to have a brightly colored replacement always ready to go.

Creative parents may take the plain bibs as a challenge, making their own additional designs.

With that being said, anyone wanting the latest and fanciest bib on the market should look elsewhere.

Also, the lack of a pocket means a lot of extra finger foods will be hitting the floor. If your child is particularly messy, you may want to use a bib with more extensive coverage.


  • Colorful – While each bib is only one solid color, the set overall is very bright and offers multiple color options.
  • Multilayer Protection – A waterproof layer is sandwiched between two absorbent terry layers, offering the best of both worlds.
  • Customizable – The plain monochrome designs can be a great base for a creative mind.


  • Mildew Between Layers – The layers can sometimes develop mildew in between them if not cleaned properly.
  • No Food Catching Pocket – The often useful pocket is nowhere to be found on this simple bib.
  • Plain Design – There are no bells and whistles on this bib; just the basics, for better or worse.

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Bibsters Large Disposable Bibs

Sometimes it seems like the best thing to do with a bib is to toss it right in the trash. With Bibsters Disposable Bibs, you won’t have to feel guilty for doing just that!

These large bibs come in 32 packs, and have a fun pattern on each. For those who may have used plain terry bibs in the past, these designs will come as a pleasant surprise.

The Bibster Disposables are ideal for parents on the go, as well as any childcare provider who needs a lot of easy bibs to use without having to worry on spending time washing them.

They easily fit in a diaper bag or purse for spur of the moment trips.

If your baby always eats at home on a regular schedule, these bibs may not be the best choice for you.

Parents on a budget will also likely want to avoid these bibs since buying replacements is an ongoing thing, and may want to stay with a long lasting reusable alternative instead.


  • Great For Travel – Whether going on a trip, out to a restaurant, or just to family barbeque, just use it and toss it.
  • Daycare Friendly – Drop off a pack, and don’t worry about getting disgusting bibs sent back home ever again.
  • Cute And Practical – Despite being disposable, they have good designs and even a food pocket. Don’t worry, though, there’s no guilt associated with throwing them in the trash after use – that’s how they were designed after all.


  • Rips Easily – With disposable bibs, quality does not tend to be as high as with other reusable bibs.
  • Might Be More Costly – Depending on frequency of use, you might end up paying much more over time for the convenience factor. It all depends on what your priorities are, though.
  • Lower Quality Features – While they have many useful features such as waterproofing and a food pouch, each is arguably of lower quality than its non-disposable counterparts.

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BabyBjorn is known for producing some of the highest quality products for babies, and this two pack of soft bibs is no exception.

Even though the basic features are similar to other bibs, this product stands out in its design.

The most visible difference upon picking up this bib is the beaded neckband. Its unique design is incredibly comfortable, adjusts to your growing child, and pulls free easily in the event of a snag.

If you’re tired of bibs falling apart after a few uses, then this bib set might be perfect for you. All but the smallest babies will enjoy using this bib with little to no difficulties.

With that being said, those of you on a tight budget might want to skip out on this top quality bib. Also, it’s not ideal for taking with you on the go due to its size and relative bulk when rolled up.


  • Top Quality – This bib is built to last, and the features are all top notch.
  • Adjustable Neckband – The beaded neckband ditches velcro entirely, and opts for a great alternative that expands easily as your child grows.
  • Wide Pocket – The sturdy plastic forms a pocket that stays open no matter how your baby twists and turns.


  • Not The Most Affordable – With higher quality comes a higher price tag, and this product is no different.
  • Less Compact – The molded plastic is great at keeping its shape, but makes storage a bit more bulky.
  • Few Design Options – There are only a few color choices, and no patterns other than the BabyBjorn logo itself.

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Aden + Anais Burpy Bib

Aden + Anais excels with this super soft, absorbent, and modern bib that doubles as a burp cloth. Talk about a pretty handy two in one!

Each two pack of Burpy Bibs has a cute design and offers excellent coverage.

Parents with multiple children will love being able to use these Burpy Bibs for different purposes without having to swap it out each and every time.

The four layers of muslin are soft enough for the youngest babies and absorbent enough to handle some of the messiest eaters and droolers as well.

Some parents might be put off by there not being a food catching pocket. Others may hesitate at the higher price. We still stick to our belief that these Burpy Bibs are a workhorse of a product, but some parents might be simply looking for something more basic.


  • Versatility – Parents can switch from wearing it as a burp cloth on their shoulder to using it as a bib for babies and toddlers during mealtimes pretty easily.
  • Full Coverage – These bibs measure almost two feet wide, and will protect like an apron.
  • Super Absorbent – The four layers of muslin soak up drool, spit up and food like a sponge.


  • Mildew Trap – The multiple layers can become hiding spots for mildew over time.
  • No Food Pocket – A large surface area doesn’t substitute for a pocket, possibly leading to a lot more food on the floor.
  • Stains – The muslin cloth is more likely to develop difficult to remove stains.

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Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Tuck-Away Bib

The Skip Hop Zoo Bibs come in an assortment of different animal styles, and fold away easily into a built-in pouch.

They’re sold separately, and deliver on a number of useful bib features such as a food pocket, quick velcro clasp, and a water resistant surface.

Portability is key with this bib, with its innovative tuck pouch giving parents a way to bring a bib along anywhere and not worry about the mess afterwards. They’re perfect for playdates, day trips, and eating out with some flair.

This toddler bib is not made for heavy duty use at home, though, as the thinner material will wear down much quicker than other bibs. Heavy drooling may soak right through the water resistant lining, so parents of teethers: beware!


  • Cuteness Overload – Bibs don’t get much cuter than these ten adorable animal designs.
  • Clever Storage Pouch – Built-in fold up storage pouch makes travelling with it a pleasure.
  • Easy Clean Up – Water resistant for quick wipe offs, plus dirty bibs can be tucked into the pouch for clean up later.


  • Stains Easily – The lightweight materials are prone to stains.
  • Durability Issues – Susceptible to wear and tear of liner and coloring.
  • Food Pocket Collapse – Thinner material might cause the food pocket to fold and collapse often.

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OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib

Why choose between flexible fabric or rigid silicone when the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib has both at once? This creatively crafted bib is versatile, functional, and superb for traveling purposes.

OXO came up with a clever way to tuck the messy fabric part down into the food pocket and then secure it closed with a silicone clasp.

On the go parents will enjoy the roll up pocket clasp, as it allows for travel in a diaper bag or purse with virtually no mess.

Children with sensitive skin will appreciate the fabric top, as it’s more comfortable and much lighter than the silicone bottom.

The limited colors available might dissuade parents looking for a cute mealtime accessory.

The fabric is comfortable, but doesn’t do much to stop loads of drool and spit up. For this reason, parents of teething or reflux prone kids would be better off buying a fully waterproof bib instead.


  • Travel Friendly – Roll up and close pocket makes storage clean and simple.
  • Comfortable Neckband – Fabric top is much more comfortable than silicone.
  • Wide Pocket – The silicone always stays open to catch food.


  • Limited Colors – Some parents may argue that there’s a rather boring choice of colors to pick from.
  • Not The Most Affordable – Higher price due to the hard silicone bottom half.

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Why Does My Baby Need A Feeding Bib?

The following list discusses the most important reasons why you need a set of bibs to keep your baby clean:

Drool and Teething

Babies drool, it’s their thing, and the sooner we get used to it, the better.

When your little one’s teeth start coming through, one of the most common signs and symptoms of teething is excessive drooling.

It might seem cute and all to see your little one dealing with all that excess drool when they’re still such tiny creatures, but all this excess drool can lead to a bad case of teething rash if not dealt with on the spot because of their sensitive skin.

Instead of having to deal with constantly changing shirts soaking in wet drool, save your sanity and let a bib be on the receiving end of that so you’re not always rushing for dry shirts to put on your little one.

Changing bibs on a baby is way easier than changing their shirts, trust me – been there, done that!

A bib is an especially important addition to a baby’s wardrobe – in this context – if they have sensitive skin. Babies with sensitive skin tend to get much more intense drool rashes making its way onto their skin and not being properly wiped off right away.

Protects Clothes

Bibs help protect your baby’s clothes from the million and one messes they could get themselves into.

By keeping your baby’s outfits clean, this means less laundry to be taken care of on your part – a win win for everyone involved.

In some more extreme cases, you’ll find that your baby got themselves into a mess and ruined their clothes beyond repair. Not even the leanest, meanest, strongest detergent can handle what your little one threw at it – which means more money to be spent from your pocket on new baby clothes.

In such cases, clothes damage beyond repair could have easily been avoided by having baby wear a bib at the time.

What Should I Look For In Baby Bibs?

Before you buy any bibs for your baby, know what you should look for in these items.

Proper Fit

First things first, any bib you have your baby wear should fit them perfectly – not too tight and not too loose.

It’ll keep falling off if it’s a bit too loose, and your baby will easily squirm their way out of it, while it’ll feel very uncomfortable under their chin if it’s a bit too tight.

Bibs come in all sorts of different sizes depending on how old your little one is or how much they weigh, so pay attention to the manufacturer’s notes before making a purchase.

Comfortable To Wear

Some bibs are designed with ultimate comfort in mind for the baby, while others … not so much.

Generally speaking, soft is best, while hard material – or ones that scratch against a baby’s skin – are much more likely to make them angry.

Area Coverage

Not all bibs cover the same areas alike.

Some parents want their little ones wearing something small enough that offers limited coverage area, while others want their babies wearing bibs large enough to cover up all of their clothing.

It’s up to you, so choose the size of bib you’re comfortable with accordingly.

Easy To Clean

Unless you’re using disposable bibs that go right into the trash can after just one use, it’s important for you to choose ones that are easy to wash, dry and put to use again in the shortest time-frame possible and with the least effort required.

Plastic bibs can be easily wiped clean, requiring nothing but a quick wipe from you and – they’re as good as new again!

If you’re not a fan of hand-washing these things, make sure whatever bibs you get are machine washable or dishwasher safe.

Also, make sure you always follow the washing instructions clearly laid out by the manufacturer, as there’s a different process set in place by different brands.

Speaking of easy to clean, it would be best if you get baby bibs that are also stain and odor resistant.

Easy To Take Off & Put On Again

Look for bibs that make it as easy as possible for you to take off of your baby and put them back on whenever the need arises.

Neck closures (a snap closure and Velcro closures) on baby bibs make this a breeze.

Careful though, you don’t want your little one wearing bibs that make it easy for them to take off on their own, since that beats the purpose of having them wear one in the first place.

You’ll have to stay near them at all times to make sure they don’t take it off – and obviously no one wants to be sucked in such a time drain.

Grows With Baby

Look for bibs with adjustable strips that adjust to your baby’s size as they grow.

This means you’ll have more time before needing to go out and buy a new larger sized bib to suit their needs.


For some, this isn’t even something they give any thought to, while for others, how cute the bib looks on their baby is a priority.

If you fit into the latter crowd, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no shortage of creative and stunningly cute bibs you can choose from – ones certain to make that fashion statement you’ve always dreamed about.

You might also want to consider getting gender neutral bibs that are suitable for both baby boys and girls.

Easy To Fold Up

If you’re planning on getting bibs strictly for use at home, you can skip this part.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on getting bibs to pack in your diaper bag and take along with you to use outside the house, look for ones that can be easily folded up.

Bibs that can’t be neatly folded up end up taking much more valuable space in a diaper bag than you can afford.

Certain types of bibs (such as silicone baby bibs) can be a bit tricky with packing up for travel purposes – not all of them, though – so buyer beware.

When Should My Baby Start Wearing Bibs?

Babies can start wearing bibs from the moment they’re born and before they have their first ever feed.

Whether you choose to experience the magic of breastfeeding or go down the journey of bottle-feeding, spit ups wait for no one before they make their entrance, so be prepared!

You’ll be putting these things to good use for a very long time, even well after your little one’s a full grown toddler.

When Do I Put One On Them During The Day?

There’s no rule set in stone here for you to follow.

Don’t over-do it by having your baby wear a feeding bib all day, everyday just because you don’t have to take it off and put it on multiple times a day – but also don’t fall short.

Whenever there’s a possibility of your baby causing a mess when eating, drinking, excessively drooling or experiencing frequent spit up (just to name a few scenarios) – putting a bib on them is a wise idea.

At the end of the day, you know your baby best and you spend the most time with them, so go with your intuition and work your way from there.

Whatever you do, do NOT have your baby fall asleep while wearing a bib – at least not if you’re not there supervising every breath they take.

A bib can easily become a choking hazard if still on when a baby’s asleep, or can cover their airways and lead to suffocation if you’re not there to help immediately.

How Many Baby Bibs Do I Need To Get?

Believe it when we say you need to have a huge stock of baby bibs to experience how easy they can make your life, because babies go through these one after the other like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s like they don’t even care how many they’ve dirtied so far through the day, they’ll be more than happy to give you another one to wash if you’d like to try them.

To be well prepared, do a bit of math based on the assumption that you’ll be changing a bib every two hours.

So, you’ll want to have around 15 to 20 bibs at your disposal at any given time, supposing you’re not a fan of doing laundry so often.

If you don’t mind having to give these things a wash every other day, though, you an start off by having 10 bibs at your disposal and seeing whether you need to add any more to your stock from there onward.

Want To Make Your Own?

If you want to make your own baby bibs from scratch, here’s an awesome tutorial that holds your hand through the process.

You can also check out these three very cool DIY bib tutorials from Alice and Lois, Make It & Love It, and Sweet Red Poppy.

Wrapping It Up

For anyone out there reading this and thinking to themselves “well, it won’t be forever till my baby reaches 6 months of age, so buying a few bibs for them right now isn’t really worth it, I’ll wait” – it’s not that simple.

I wish babies stop making a mess out of seemingly everything they come in contact with after the 6 months of age mark, but that’s unfortunately not the case.

Expect your little one to continue making a mess beyond the 6 months of age mark – way beyond that, actually – and do yourself a favor by having them wear bibs whenever there’s a need to.

You’ll thank yourself for this in the near future!

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